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  • What is best for your job - Litho or digital printing?
    Digital printing is more suitable for shorter runs whilst litho printing is best for large print quantities. Litho printing uses wet ink and printing plates whilst digital printing uses toners on a press kind of similar to a giant office printer. Litho Printing Litho print inks will handle many different types of paper whether that be coloured or textured. A better option for print designs with large block of colours or gradients. If you are looking to order a large print run Litho is the option for you, lowering your cost per print down. Digital Printing With digital printing there is no setting up of colours or plates so it’s quick and easy to turnaround, it is also a great option if you need your prints within in a short timeframe. Digital is also best suited if you have multiple designs. Broadly speaking most digital presses work well with paper thicknesses between 80gsm and 300gsm, whereas a litho press will run with paper thicknesses of 60gsm up to 500gsm. But don’t worry here at Riverside Print Services we can help guide you through the whole process!
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