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Limit your typefaces

Have you ever read a flyer or leaflet and felt a bit overwhelmed by how busy it looks? The human eye finds it difficult to scan typefaces so we recommend limiting your design to a few. When selecting a typeface use a clear and easy to read font to create a simple yet effective design.


Choose your colours wisely

Choose a scheme that has between one and three primary colours, along with one to three secondary colours that contrast but also complement each other. When using thinner fonts choose your background colour carefully. Using different shades of the same colour, will create consistency within your brand.


Invest in a good font

Choose a font or typeface that fits in well with your branding. Typefaces with rounded edges give a friendlier impression whilst sharper edged fonts are bold and strong and good for shouting out headlines. Script and Sans Serifs style font’s give a sophisticated look and feel.


Use another set of eyes

Proof reading our own artwork makes mistakes hard to find. Make sure you get different eyes to check and check your work again. Typos can be easily corrected on-the-fly in the digital world, but when it comes to printed items it isn't!


Align Your Text

Make sure all your main text in your flyer, brochure or leaflet are well aligned to give off a clean, crisp look and feel. 

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